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RS Technologies Inc., a small Calgary based innovator and manufacturer of advanced composite products for infrastructure markets, has probably made history: its shares were up by more than 100% Monday, by almost 800% over the past two days but down by more than 95% over the past year.The only real news is that last Friday, prior to the opening of the market, RS Technologies which at one stage before a recent 1 for 200 share consolidation had more than two billion shares outstanding announced a order to the Norwegian based utility company, NTE Nett AS. In that order, RS Technologies would provide its RStandard (TM) poles for the first 20 kilometres of transmission line being built in that country. RS Technologies is supplying 170 poles for the line that will ultimately run for 50 kilometres.What even more remarkable is that about three weeks back, the company said that it had working capital to continue as a going concern until the middle of February 2011.

NBC4 reached out to the Ohio State University for comment and a spokesperson said don comment on pending litigation. Court documents, the university says the conflict is straightforward. And her housemate have been offered reasonable accommodations that are incompatible.

Pelle is the son of Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle. The sheriff shared a picture of him and two other family members by his son’s hospital bed on his office Twitter account. All four, including Jeffrey Pelle, who underwent surgery, are smiling and giving a thumbs up gesture.

Mischief to property has been interpreted in many forms. Putting a poster on a post may not be mischief while the courts have held that a picketer standing with others may be guilty of the offence. Even a loud party has been held to attract criminal sanction as such interferes with the enjoyment of property as well as being a nuisance in the civil realm..

Ronnebaum lives in Batesville, and isn’t quite sure what initially attracted him to the old painting of seven men standing in front of a pool table. Above each man is a painting palette with two names. Whatever the reason for his interest, he handed over the 50 cents and hung it up in his living room.

The original Notre Dame Stadium was designed by former Irish head football coach Knute Rockne and opened in 1930. It was expanded for the 1997 season to the tune of approximately 20,000 additional seats for a current capacity of 80,795 fans. The current Campus Crossroads Project, to be completed for the 2017 season, includes the addition of academic and student life facilities being constructed on the east, west and south sides of the venue.