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RAY LANKFORD, GRACE DAVIS: Lankford was a football and baseball star at Grace Davis in the early 1980s. As a running back, he led the Spartans football team to the Sac Joaquin Section Division I championship game in 1984. That remains the only football team from Modesto to make it to the Section Division I championship football game.

Now, that hit, coupled with a misstep in concussion protocol for Russell Wilson, that resulted in $100,000 fine for the organization were cited as motivations for the late season changes. Yeah, the players say they have been fighting for this for a very long time. Some say it’s too little too late but in terms of the changes that we’ll see in protocol, what are we talking about.

When we see constant coverage of murders and brutality on television, corporate media is telling us that crime and violence are important issues that we should be concerned about. When there is round the clock coverage of the Super Bowl, we are being informed that football and the NFL deserve our rapt attention. When there is very little coverage of the suffering of the 43 million Americans living in poverty, or the thousands of Americans without health insurance who die each year because they can’t get to a doctor when they should, corporately owned media is telling us that these are not issues of major concern.

In decrying the practice, she explains what that discipline did to her.”The kid learns to fear their parent. But when they need a parent to go talk to, they don’t go to that parent,” said Kvols, who offers parents a course called “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” a guide to help them eliminate scolding, yelling and threatening as parenting techniques.”Like for my father he spanked me, and I shut down toward having a relationship with him,” said Kvols, 62. “I obeyed him.

He added, “The best way to look it is that, in America, we as individuals all have freedoms. That’s one of the things that makes our country great. We may not always like or appreciate that someone is expressing themselves. We’ve got to be better as an offense and improve each week. We just weren’t good enough today.”.

He lives alone. His brother and his sister in law live 10 minutes away. Most days, Wentz drives to work and returns home while avoiding the trappings of stardom. This move was sought by Whirlpool, which has seen its market share decline in the past decade but still dominates the industry. In December, columnist George Will wrote that the government was poised to “punish many Americans, in the name of protecting a few of them, because, in the government’s opinion, too many of them are choosing to buy foreign made washing machines for no better reason than that the buyers think they are better.” Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse added an apt codicil Monday.