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AP did not share the copy of the Honduran Security Ministry Inspector General report that mentions Aguilar, who was sworn in last week, out of security concerns, but described its contents to government officials and has published an excerpt. The Honduran government declared it a fake and said the incident didn happen. Aguilar did not respond to requests for comment..

The last minute, I decided to start him, says Norris Vaughan, now in his seventh year as head coach of the Pride. Time we gave him the ball, he went 65 yards on a sweep for a touchdown. We weren sure if he was ready physically and emotionally, but in that game he had 170 yards rushing and scored two touchdowns and led us to victory.

He still got us a NC and produced some of the greatest kids in the country and he kept up our great tradition with class. And for the record the Spread is nothing new and considering it progressive is silly. At Georgia Tech they use the wishbone and it has made them successful.

However, the lottery business is dogged by peculiar challenges, chief of which is the question of fairness of games and transparency of the gaming platform. Specific concerns voiced by lottery players border on:Validity of lottery tickets Integrity of the random number generation (RNG) system Possibility of manipulation of lottery numbers Promptness of payoutsThere is also the challenges of lottery platforms not being available or legal in all countries. Lotteries are also strictly controlled by governments and in countries where corruption is the order of the day, only those who can pay hefty bribes or are connected to top government officials can get lottery licenses.

N The Chicago Bears said tight end Zach Miller had surgery to repair an artery in his left leg after suffering a gruesome injury in Sunday loss at New Orleans. The team says the operation Sunday to repair a torn popliteal artery was successful. Miller remains at University Medical Center New Orleans.

Some ad categories that traditionally support football every year are likely to be spending less than in years past. Financial services and auto marketers spent noticeably less in the upfront and the recent demise of Circuit City probably means less consumer electronics ad dollars this season. And yet, some ad sales executives note marketers such as Walmart coming into the market, sometimes with football themed creative..

When we look at trauma related to neurological disease, we are only validating part of the brain and its response to trauma, Hoshizaki says. Study is going to give us a really good opportunity to map different parts of the brain. We are going to be able to get into parts of the brain we think are really important in terms of predicting risk.