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I do think they’re going to dial back recruiting in football a notch, but they compete at a very high level in whole bunch of sports, with a combination of top coach hires and ‘merit scholarships’. Whether that’s going to be dialed back or not is not really known, but McD has definitely become a destination school regionally for athletes with decent academics, both girls and boys. And they also give out those ‘merit’ scholarships to super smart kids who have other special talents other than sports..

For three years, Brown started at safety, finding both success and failure in a position that often left him in one on one situations. He played 38 consecutive games, making 13 starts with 106 tackles and three interceptions. But the times he got beat in the open field often defined his play..

Always, and I believe the Packers would agree, the draft comes first, free agency comes second. How do you blend the two? It’s difficult to do. You have to have a feel for how free agency complements the draft and your long term strategy for growing the roster, but never, ever allow what you do in free agency to determine your fundamental draft philosophy..

Us, it another step forward and that is going to be continuous with 21 games left in the year, Hamilton said. Game is important as a measuring stick for us as a team and individually. Lets be honest, there is going to be substantial change on this roster next year and with that being said, these are really, really important games for guys to grow themselves within the organization and showcase their abilities, and most importantly, we want some team success as a result of that improved individual play.

“What helped him was being around NFL camps,” O’Brien said. “When college players come to camp, they have no idea what dTC it’s all about, no idea how to pace themselves. A guy watches Brian Hansen, Tom Tupa [former Brown] and Greg Montgomery, it’s a learning experience.

I had been there before (he was the offensive coordinator for two seasons) and Cal is a different place. It challenging, but it so unique. I took that job intending to stay for a long time. Jimmy interviewed Wallace, and I became his shadow. I photographed him under the bridge and while he washed his clothes. I watched for an hour as he entertained two Jehovah Witnesses in Palmer Park.

Because GE can invent an Internet of Things, because they have software that is benefitting from the hardware. The aircraft engines generate so much data that the Internet of Things can leverage. Similarly, gasoline turbine engines or the X ray machines and CAT scanners.