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Gee Gees coach Andy Sparks said that a defensive perspective, some of the stuff we worked on this week transferred a little bit. Certainly, with Angela and Brigitte, they were pretty dominant in there, for sure. Overall, I would say that was one of our better games, as far as a complete game.

By Theresa Schmidt bio emailLAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) Since September 11, 2001 America has intensified efforts to protect against terrorist attacks. That effort is keenly felt at our ports where soon a new high tech ID card will be required. As it stands April 14th is the deadline for implementing TWIC.Starting April 14th people will have to have a so called TWIC card to enter port facilities in America.

The Eagles may see good things in Henery and perhaps aren’t ready to part with him yet, which is fine. However, there’s no question that Henery’s lack of leg strength hurt the Eagles during their playoff run last season, and it could happen again. Using up a roster spot for a second kicker must make some NFL personnel people ill, but the reality is that the Eagles sorely need a kicker who can kick long field goals and produce touchbacks.

“Actually, reading your posts, one after the other, you appear to make no sense.” I stated that again and again: The sense is that of the AD, which I sorry you don understand, which is why YOU, not I, posts here again and again. Angry? No. I suggested trying to get a life beyond UM football, which, for years (not just RR), has been failing the Ann Arbor community.

The Eagles proposed a bylaw change that would prohibit the timing and on field testing of a draft prospect at a team’s facility if that prospect attended the scouting combine. Teams would be permitted to test players who did not attend the combine in their hometowns or in their college towns. The stated reason for the change is the unequal number of prospects from each NFL metropolitan area..

A former manager of mine, an Army Engineer adopted into the Rhade tribe, treated his wedding ring and tribal bracelet with equal respect. Too many RVN and GVN personnel, however, treated the Montagnards as primitive inferiors. There certainly were cultural conflicts, such as the bathing customs of the Yao tribe, but failing to get villagers and hill people to support the ARVN was critical to the war.

“It doesn’t bother me, because I hope that, in some way, shape or form, if someone reaches out to me, I hope I can help with the physical and psychological challenges that take place. You try to take what can be a really negative experience and make something positive out of it. There are doubts for any athlete.