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The state Tax Commission requested the bill in the Idaho House make 2017 Idaho income tax laws conform to federal changes. Little fiscal impact is expected, but Reps. Ron Nate, R Rexburg, and Heather Scott, R Blanchard, spoke out against passing the bill, saying it would amount to bowing to federal pressure to overlook the invalidated clause that’s still in the Idaho Constitution prohibiting same sex marriage..

HANK’S HONEYS: We see a letdown after Panthers’ unexpected win in New England, especially back on the road. Detroit could be 4 0 if not for that goal line play against the Falcons and the most impressive thing about the Lions is the improvements they’ve made on defense, allowing just 17.5 ppg with 11 forced turnovers. Cam Newton finally woke up last week but everyone has been looking good against the Pats’ pass defense.

Dick Fontaine TMs documentary on the legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins focuses not just on his 80th birthday concert in 2010 but on the uncompromising attitude he has had towards his music. Fontaine even follows him on to New York TMs Williamsburg Bridge, where he used to practise alone to escape the perils of jazz life TM. Newly unearthed footage of Rollins performing at Ronnie Scott TMs in 1974 follows at 10pm..

Year saw an unprecedented overdose death toll in Vancouver, Mayor Gregor Robertson said. Magnitude of tragic deaths due to the opioid crisis is horrific and is putting an unbearable strain on our emergency responders, front line workers and community volunteers, who are working around the clock to save lives. Noted positive trends did emerge in the second half of 2017 with a significant drop in the number of deaths from earlier in the year.

It wasn about the looks. I had to take extra care of it, because of numerous infections I could get. When it was hot, I would sweat there before anywhere else. There is always a lag, but it will occur. Risk: A prolonged period of weak natural gas pricesCANADIAN OIL SANDS LTD. (COS/TSX)The position: 2.6% of equity portfolioWhy do you like it? In addition to a dividend yield of 5% or better, Canadian Oil Sands has an expected return of 40%.

But we thought if he could contribute, he could be successful. Football can help this kid graduate. He had a lot of people in his corner.”. Christened on November 5th, 1946, Rapture is a spectacular undersea metropolis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the brainchild of Andrew Ryan, a wealthy industrialist who sought refuge from all forms of government regulation and censorship. The city of Rapture was built to attract the best and brightest minds of the surface world, giving them a fertile ground to advance their pursuits without constraints, and for the free market to flourish unhindered..